SEE the rise, Feel the sun

See the rise, feel the sun 

Reference to the infinity of the cycle of the sun.

An ode to nature, combined expertise and favorite material, hand blown glass. On sculptural glass , echoing many of our circular landscapes, sit sheets of colored glass running through each-other, through a subtle play of light and textures, magnify the glass and the surfaces surrounding them.

Colorful transparencies and subtle overlays unfold before our eyes. See the rise, feel the sun evoke a succession of waves, sunrises and sunsets, moon reflections on these abstract landscapes where the glass turns to glass. Eventually glass binds to the landscapes.

See the rise, feel the sun- is handblown glass. The structure and finishes are polished glass, each piece is unique. Composed of different layers of blue hues. A delicate balance between translucent and the opaque, the smooth and the textured, the polished and broken. It’s first collection features one model.

 Everything is tailor-made, modular and adjustable separate from each other, resulting in 3 individual pieces.

Glass sculpture
Colorful transparencies
Subtle overlays

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