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Eline sitting in front of her paintings

B.(1992) Painter.Amsterdam-based contemporary artist Eline Martherus. 
Eline has a natural curiosity about patterns and geometric rules. In her work she explores the boundaries of intention and the opposing forces of logic and intuition, by applying both sacred geometry and an organic, instinctual-driven, painting method.
She received a BFA (or Bachelor of Fine Arts) from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). After graduating she continued experimenting with the interplay of nature and its elements, such as water and sun, and developed a unique abstract style with psychological layers that are deeply personal and universal at the same time.

Eline takes  inspiration by people and their role in society. The translation is quite abstract , it is about the dynamics between light and dark. The appearance and disappearance of shapes and colors, just as people and situations.” Without a preconceived plan and withbrooms, rags and brushes, Eline creates canvases full of movement and feeling. Because of its fast drying period, she mainly uses acrylic, allowing her to paint in a preferred spontaneous manner. Through this intuitive process she sets out to create an intimate dialogue with her subjects.

“With the hands of a seamstress and the eyes of a painter, the object is texture”

In every work it is a disappearing and appearance of organic forms that together form themes. Social unrest on canvases wherecountless energetic bursts of blue alternating in all sorts of hues. In contrast to the lightness, elusiveness or tenderness of existence on canvases with light tones and paint that seems to be embedded in the canvas nest like a water stain.Next to a come and going from shape and color you will also discover sacred geometric shapes in her work. Everything in nature leads back to these shapes. An important recurring aspect in her work is the blueprint of humankind, symbolized by the ‘Flower of Life’. By definition the Flower of Life symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything: we are all built from the same blueprint. A visual connection expressing the life that runs through all living things. A token of spirituality.

With the hands of a seamstress and the eyes of a painter, the object is texture. 

I would love to meet. Studio visits by appointment only.
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Eline walking past her painting



Sep 2022- Nov 2022

Hama Gallery | solo
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The artworks in the debut solo exhibition I Bought You Flowers by artist Eline Martherus are characterised by the balance between light and dark, the appearance and disappearance of colours and shapes, with the colour indigo as the central point.

Aug 2022

Atelier artplaats
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AXS ART is joining forces with Atelier Artplaats. ‘8 PROMISING FEMALE ARTISTS OF AMSTERDAM’

may 2022

ART[s] Gallery Simone Jansen, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

ART[s] is a gallery where you feel at home, offering an experience to look at art in an attractive house on a beautiful, centuries-old estate. In the middle of the woods, a stone’s throw from the sea. Regularly changing small-scale exhibitions.

August 2021

Unity Expo, De School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A group exhibition exploring themes around unity and systems of synergy. The concept of oneness is examined in relation to human connection, our relation to nature and its ecosystems, within the context of our digital age.

january 2020

Grimburgwal Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Solo exhibition presenting ‘Found the Blue in the Sea (’19)’ collection. The pop-up gallery is located in the heart of Amsterdam on the infamous Rokin street.

may 2019

Kinship Studio, Bali, Indonesia

Solo exhibition presenting ‘We Are All Under the Samen Moon (’19)’. Kinship is a place to gather, collaborate and create based in downtown Canggu, Bali, representing both local and international artists.

August 2018

Soorty Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

A ten day live painting exhibition in Shoreditch, London, by initiative of Soorty denim manufacture’s Future Possibilities Platform (FPP). FPP London was the first of many global pop-ups. Because of the focus on sustainable and responsible materials, only natural indigo dye was used during this exhibition.


Arteventura, Sevilla Spain

august 2022

Artist’s residence on a wooded estate of 25 ha deep in the Spanish inland. A philosophy of autonomy, back to basics and interaction with nature form the foundation of the project. Arteventura offers silence, space and time to engage in research and development, or create new and adventurous work.


Sept 2011- Jan 2016

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
Amsterdam fashion insitute - AMFI

Specialized in textiles and textile innovation.

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